5 apps of the week, featuring Maleficent Free Fall

Maleficent Free Fall

Maleficent Free Fall

For this week, our featured apps include something for fun, fitness, and mobile livestreaming. Imagine the many people who need to have a real-time broadcast of their lives without having to line up ro the next reality show gig.

Maleficent Free Fall (Disney, available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone) – Disney’s latest mobile game draws inspiration from its upcoming film based on Sleeping Beauty’s lady villain. Maleficent Free Fall (pictured) is pretty much like Frozen Free Fall, which in turn is similar to Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga. Unlike those latter games, however, it does not have the annoying time restrictions or that constant push to make in-app purchases.

Run with Map My Run (MapMyFitness, Inc., available on Android and iOS) – The Android version of Run with Map My Run has gotten a huge update this week. Apart from its complete redesign, the app now includes new features like post-workout stats and integration with Facebook and Twitter. Users of the premium version (a $2.50-a-month subscription) also get access to customized mobile coaching and more detailed charts that break down every activity.

Mobli (Mobli Media, Inc., available on iOS) – From being just an Instagram rival, Mobli one-ups the competition by offering live-broadcasting features. It still bears the same filters, photo-editing tools, and social features.

Nuzzel (Nuzzel, available on iOS) – From Jonathan Abrams, the founder of Friendster (the pre-Facebook social networking phenom), Nuzzel is a social news service that displays articles based on what your social media connections have read and shared. Introduced earlier this year as a web service, it is now available as an iOS app. It comes with personalized news alerts and its ability to sync with Instapaper and Pocket so you can bookmark the articles for later reading.

Tapsule (Chatter, Inc., available on iOS) – This app allows users to create collaborative “time capsules” from images and videos. You can start with uploading photos, messages, and videos up to 10 seconds long, then invite your friends to collaborate with their own images, videos, and text. The resulting Tapsule can be shared on social media.

Source: Mashable

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