5.5-Inch LG Optimus G Pro Comes to South Korea

It has come to our attention that LG is offering different versions of its upcoming Optimus G Pro. For instance, as confirmed by LG, that a South Korean version of LG’s latest flagship smartphone will share similarities with the Samsung Galaxy Note II, especially with its elongated home button and rounded corners.

The device also sports a 5.5-inch screen compared to the 5-inch display in the Japanese model. While the Optimus G Pro bound for South Korea has a larger screen, it still possess the Full HD goodness found in the Japanese version. It also comes with the same quad-core 1.7GHz processor, 13-megapixel camera, 2GB of RAM, and LTE connectivity.

It remains unclear whether LG will bring the Optimus G Pro in Europe and the United States. And if it does, will these markets receive the Galaxy Note II doppelganger, the Japanese version, or a completely new model.

Source: Unwired View, via TechCrunch

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