3M to Unveil MM200 Mobile Projector

mm200 mobile projector

3M will introduce its next step in miniature projection at the Consumer Electronics Show 2009 in Las Vegas. After the success of MPro110, their first mobile which has won the Grand Award in the gadget category of Popular Science’s 2008 Best of What’s New Awards, comes the 3M MM200.

If their previous design has enabled to incorporate a mini projector in a laptop or video camera, the advanced liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) device MM200 is destined to be fitted into mobile phones, handheld accessories, and digital cameras of the future.

According to sources within 3M, the MM200 can project a 50-inch image using just a single watt of power and is illuminated with multi-colored light emitting diodes (LEDs).

And what is cooler than that? This mobile projector will become available in 2009! Yup, this year! No need to speculate whether the design is feasible in the first place (like concept cars).

"The history of 3M display technologies has been one of both groundbreaking innovation and rapid industry introduction," said Mike Kelly, Executive Vice President of 3M’s Display and Graphics Business Department.

"In 1950, 3M brought its microreplication technology to the overhead projector and revolutionized the industry. Now, some 50 years later, we lead the industry in using prismatic brightness enhancement films. We anticipate continuing this trend of leadership in 2009, with the help of the MM200."

Image source: BusinessWire.com

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