3M Shoot n' Share HD Camcorder Projector

Shooting and recording a video on a handy camcorder is the cool thing nowadays. Having a device that records the videos in HD quality may be even better. Recording in a device that is capable of capturing HD quality videos, and then sharing it to many people at once from the same device just tops it all. The 3M Shoot n’ Share HD Camcorder Projector can be such a device.

What makes the 3M CP40 Shoot n’ Share HD Camcorder is special and unique in that it comes with its own LED projector to display recorded videos for up to 165cm image size on a white wall. It can record videos in 720p HD and still photos in 5MP resolution. It also has a 14MB internal memory and a microSD slot that can accommodate up to 32GB of external memory. It is even quite handy since it is designed and looks just like a mobile phone from afar. The 3M CP40 Shoot n’ Share HD Camcorder Projector is available at Amazon for US$259.

Image Source: 3M

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