3M LED Advanced Light Bulb

With the electric power consumption ever increasing, there is a need for people to try to conserve energy and save money. There are many ways available for people to do this either at home or the office. Using energy-efficient lighting is one of them, like using this new 3M LED Advanced Light Bulb.

The 3M LED Advanced Light Bulb is designed to help make lighting around the home or the office more efficient. You may consider it as an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional incandescent light bulb still in use today. The 3M LED Advanced Light Bulb offers the equivalent lighting power as that of an ordinary 60-watt light bulb. But the good thing is that it uses nearly 80 percent less energy to achieve the same lighting results.

The 3M LED Advanced Light Bulb also works well when used with a dimmer. It turns on in an instant and does not give off heat. It also has a long life span and can last for up to 25 years, resulting in less bulb replacements along the way. The 3M LED Advanced Light Bulb is available at Walmart for US$25.

Image Source: 3M

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