3 Skypephone S2

3 Skypephone S2


The 3 Skypephone Series is among the 3G mobile phones created by Amoi. The original Skypephone was somewhat a hit, but it couldn’t boast of superb specifications the way the iPhone had. Now, though, the new Skypephone is taking the mobile market up by storm.

The 3 Skypephone S2, the newest addition in the 3 Skypephone Series, has an excellent 3.2 megapixel camera. It has thumb-friendly keys and allows you to have easy access to your favorite music. As for its mobile internet features, this trendy gadget is also on the tops. With its speedy internet access and quick downloads and other superb applications that you’ll surely enjoy, the 3 Skypephone S2 is definitely worth a shot.

This user-friendly Skype comes with a 50MB internal memory, which is expandable to 4GB through the use of Micro SD cards. And of course, you can use it to make free Skype-to-Skype calls and instant messages even when you’re on the go.  

Image Source: Skype.com

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