3 in 1 Smart Box

3 in 1 Smart BoxMany say that great things come in small packages. While some may find that hard to believe, it is true. There are some things that may seem small but can offer you more than you bargained for. There are devices, although rare, that offer features more than what their size convey. The 3 in 1 Smart Box is just one of them.

The 3 in 1 Smart Box is a unique device that is small in stature but big in features, so to speak. People will instantly recognize that it is a small external speaker for portable audio devices. Yes that is true. The 3 in 1 Smart Box is a 2-watt Bluetooth wireless speaker small enough to fit into your pocket. But it has also other interesting features.

The 3 in 1 Smart Box also works as a remote shutter for your phone camera. It can be quite convenient for those who often take selfies. It also acts as an alarm in case you leave it behind. The 3 in 1 Smart Box will alert you through your paired smartphone with a ring in case both devices move 10 meters or 32 feet apart. It is a great feature, especially because the 3 in 1 Smart Box is just so small. Before using this device you need to download a software app on your phone or other portable device to make use of its features. And also, the device has built-in batteries rechargeable via USB. But product specifications do not state how long it can last per full charge. But if you feel that the 3 in 1 Smart Box may be quite handy nonetheless, it is available at Brando for $22.

Image Source: Brando

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