24K GoldStriker Black Night Edition

24K Goldstriker Black Night iPhoneIf luxury is what you look for in your gadgets and you have lots of money to spread around, a one of a kind mobile phone might be something up your alley. How about a luxurious status symbol of a mobile phone developed by one of the best brands around? That would make it an attractive gadget don’t you think?

For the rich people who look for unique luxury in their mobile phones, having one made out of 24K would do real well. Goldstriker has just the mobile phone for people who yearn for mobile communication with style, elegance and pompous show. This company offers you your own Apple iPhone encased in 24K gold. The Goldstriker Black Night Edition is a beautiful and stylish Apple iPhone embellished with luxury to make it even more attractive to the wealthy ones who wish to stand out.

The technology that this premier brand offers is similar to other iPhones out there. It’s the looks that makes the difference this time. A combination of gold and metalllic midnight black case makes this luxury cellphone quite an attractive gadget to have in one’s hands, if you can afford it. The Goldstriker 24K Black Night iPhone may not be for everybody. And that is what this company is actually offering- gadgets that only the wealthy few can have the opportunity of owning.

Image Source: Goldstriker

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