20Q Pocket Mind Reader

20Q Pocket Mind Reader

 Give Robin Burgener a dash of your money by treating yourself, and your friends with immense fun through his creation: 20Q pocket Mind reader. This tiny gadget claims that it can read people’s minds! Lay down twenty or less questions on the table and let the machine guess what’s on your mind. It definitely a source of stimulating fun.

Surprisingly, the AI guesses more answers correctly than not. The game works like a human brain, forming a neutral network that is built from connections like our synapses, helping the game what to ask next and what to guess at the end. The game allows yourself to get asked by unrelated questions and have your answers revealed by this machine. Freaky yet fascinating.

The handheld version of the game lets you play it anywhere you want and even share it to your family and friends. The game can usually guess what’s on your mind in 20 minutes or so, giving you the feeling of bewilderment. You may just want to stump the gadget and figure out how it got you.

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