2010 Top Gadget Pick: Kinect for Xbox 360

The year 2010 has its own share of interesting and innovative gadgets. In the gaming console front, a new type of controller has just been released by Microsoft just this November but has been getting so much attention so far in just over a month or so after being released. Dubbed as Kinect and designed for the Xbox 360 gaming console, the new controller aims to change the way people play and look at gaming.

The Kinect for the Xbox 360 is a controller that users need not take hold of. It features an advanced type of motion sensor that allows gamers to control and interact with the gaming console without the need to hold and push buttons on a controller. Simply by using gestures or even spoken commands, Xbox 360 gamers may experience a different style of game play that many players would welcome.

Although it may take sometime to get used to, the Kinect may see quite an exciting future. But it may only be as exciting as how many exciting games this new type of controller may be able to support in the near future. The fact that it may cost quite a bit at around US$150 may also be a limiting factor. But despite this, the Kinect for the Xbox 360 still have the whole of next year to try , convince and change they way most Xbox gamers play today.

Image Source: Xbox 360

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