2010 Top Gadget Pick: Apple iPad

The year 2010 is about to end and it has been quite an exciting year for gadgets. Many gadgets have come out and has gotten the attention of the gadget-loving public and has went on to become popular. Among the many gadgets to come out in 2010, probably the one that has captures the most attention has been the Apple iPad.

The Apple iPad captured the imagination of the gadget loving public that has seen it change the market for tablet PC’s. Before the Apple iPad, there have been other similar tablet devices that other manufacturers have come up with but failed to capture a sizable market. Before then, the market for tablet PC’s was considered a niche.

But with the arrival of the Apple iPad, things changed for the way people perceived tablet PC. In an instant, the demand for such devices surged, thanks mainly to Apple’s highly effective marketing. The new-found popularity of the iPad has led other manufacturers to make their own versions and just like that, tablet PC’s have departed from being called merely as a niche market. For that alone, the Apple iPad has become probably the most memorable gadget for 2010. If you still do not have your own Apple iPad, it is still available at Apple and starts at US$499.

Image Source: Apple

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