2009 Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS

The 2009 Ford Focus RS is the European counterpart of the popular Focus line of cars. And being made for the European market, particularly in the UK, it follows a hatchback design which is the most popular and biggest selling body design in this part of the world for this type of car.

The Ford Focus RS follows a long line of Focus predecessors, but this time it is designed with previous RS models in mind. It actually is a second generation low volume and high performance car model. Its features, of course display performance as one of its high points of contention.

The Ford Focus RS, just like the other Focus car models it followed, is well-loved for its great handling capabilities. And this new Ford Focus does not disappoint with refined and smoother handling response still being very evident. It is a front wheel drive vehicle with a suspension that is fitted with large front dampers and rebound springs to provide better overall comfort and better noise reduction properties.

The Ford Focus RS is also equipped with the Ford PowerShift transmission which combines the benefits of both manual and automatic transmission. The PowerShift makes use of an advanced automatic dual-clutch gearbox that allows a smoother and more refined process of shifting gears without trying to interrupt the drive of the engine. At the heart of the Focus RS is its turbocharged Duratec 2.5-litre 5-cylinder engine. It is capable of providing 300 PS of maximum power and about 410 Nm worth of torque. The Ford Focus RS is set to launch in early 2009.

Image Source: Ford

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