2 Way Pop Up LED Lantern

Going outdoor camping can be enjoyable only if you have all the necessities available. One important essential gear is lighting. An experienced camper never fails to bring along some portable lighting among many other things. One useful option available is this 2-Way Pop Up LED Lantern.

The Pop Up 2 Way LED Lantern is a handy LED light that functions in two ways- as a hand light and a hanging lantern. It extends to become a lantern equipped with a Hoya mesh fabric with good light spreading characteristics, which allows the light to disperse effectively without LED light wastage. It is powered by 2AA batteries that can last for 25 hours in high mode and up to 60 hours in eco mode. Its compact size when folded makes it easy to store as well as bring along. The 2-Way Pop Up LED Lantern is available at Doppelganger for US$23.

Image Source: Doppelganger

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