14-Piece Magnetic Wooden Tetris Set

14-Piece Magnetic Wooden Tetris SetPeople who have gone through the 90’s certainly know all about Tetris, that puzzle video game that involves bricks of different forms and shapes that players need to form into horizontal lines as they go down. It was quite an addicting game during its popularity. People can’t get enough of playing this simple and yet challenging puzzle game. And while its days have passed, some people still just cannot help but remember those times when the game was the talk of the town. People can still have a commemorative set to help them wax nostalgic of times gone by with this 14-Piece Magnetic Wooden Tetris Set.

The 14-Piece Magnetic Wooden Tetris Set is a set of wooden magnetic pieces shaped in the distinctive blocks in the Tetris Game. Made out of poplar wood, the bricks also have a magnetic disk that allows them to stick into refrigerator doors. The 14-piece set includes two of each Tetris piece. Aside from trying to make lines using the wooden pieces just like in the game, people will also have the challenge of trying to put the pieces together in order to form a 7×8 rectangle. This 14-Piece Magnetic Wooden Tetris Set will be more than just a typical refrigerator magnet to hold notes and lists. This set will help people who were once Tetris game afficionados remember those times gone by. The 14-Piece Magnetic Wooden Tetris Set is hand made and is available at Etsy for $15.
Image Source: Etsy

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