10 Ridiculous Products That Actually Make Sense

iPad stand

Ridiculous Product: iPad stand

Ever saw a random product on a home-shopping network and asked yourself, “That looks ridiculous”? But such innovative yet quirky products are made out of necessity. If you think about it, these ridiculous products actually can be practical.

1. LEVO G1 Deluxe Tablet, eReader and iPad Stand – While it is easy to dismiss about how this product advocates laziness among tablet users, this stand can actually be helpful. For one, this iPad stand can keep bed-ridden users entertained as they watch the latest episode of Downtown Abbey. Also, do you know how straining it is for your arms to hold your tablet while lying down? Costs $159 on Adorama.

Treadmill Desk Workstation

2. Treadmill Desk Workstation – What? Working on your office desk while standing up and walking on a treadmill? Latest research suggests that standing while working yields more productivity, as well as other health benefits, compared to their seated colleagues. It actually even burns more calories. Only $479 on This Is Why I’m Broke.

Toilet Roll Holder Porcelain

3. Toilet Roll Holder Porcelain – This is a travesty! This toilet paper roll holder does not have a spring-loaded cylinder. However, having to remove that cylinder just to replace toilet paper takes more effort. This ridiculous product brings the “set it and forget it” mantra to heart. Only 23.50 euros.

Inflatable Pillow Tie

4. Inflatable Pillow Tie – There is an air vault hidden behind this ordinary-looking tie. Blow it up to inflate the tie until it is comfortable enough to lay your head on it for some quick office snooze. Just be careful not to drool on it. Costs $19.95 on Baron Bob.

Bluw The Self-Stirring Mug

5. Bluw The Self-Stirring Mug – There is a technology that makes bowls and cups stir liquid on its own, without the need for spoons or any other stirrer. So why aren’t we making full use of it? Also, we know teaspoons cannot not fully dissolve that hot cocoa all the time. Now on sale at $8.44 on Amazon.

Flipper Toilet Seat Lifter

6. Flipper Toilet Seat Lifter – Men are always reminded on lifting the toilet seat before peeing and putting it down afterwards, but they never do that. Not only this ridiculous product lift and lowers the toilet seat in a single step, it also keeps those annoying unstable toilet seats to keep upright while you are doing the number 1. Costs $14.99 on Amazon, but you might get turned off by the negative reviews.


7. PooTrap – Not that I am comparing your pet dogs to your babies, but will you allow your baby to pee and poop around the park without a diaper? Thought so. Prices vary on dog size.

The Lazy Glasses

8. The Lazy Glasses – Do not be fooled by its name. This product is actually ideal for people suffering from neck strain while reading a book. Only $34.97 on Amazon.

The Clicker

9. The Clicker – It is a universal remote control with an integrated bottle opener. Not only it can control up to eight different home entertainment devices, it also has over 800 factory pre-set. A perfect tool to turn your drabby room into a mancave. Only $24.99.

Hair Dryer Stand

10. Hair Dryer Stand – Much like the first product on our list, this stand is perfect for people with disabilities, especially those with no hands. Now that’s what I call a “hands-free” hair drying. Costs $13.30 on Amazon.

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