10 Hottest Kid-Friendly Gadgets

1. Comfy Easy PC Learning System

kid friendly gadgets

It’s educational and helps develop your child’s motor and cognitive skills. It is composed of Easy PC keyboard with colorful designs, different shapes and keys with various functions (plays music and or say informative things). Your child can also interact with cute Comfy characters. It includes the Beginner software called First Steps which are for children aged 1 to 3 years old. Additional softwares are available for $19.99 each.

2. Oregon Scientific Darth Vader Learning Laptop

kid friendly gadgets

This cool gadget is designed in the shape of Darth Vader’s mask. Your child can choose to play as a Jedi or as Darth Vader. It features a touch-sensitive backlit LCD screen, a "Light Saber" pointer, A QWERTY keyboards and 50 activities. All of these activities are very educational and includes subjects like logic, memory, music and many others. Perfect for kids aged 4 and up.

3. Techno Source Rubik’s Revolution

kid friendly gadgets

The old Rubik’s Cube just got cooler. Techno Source has recently released an interactive electronic version of the Rubik’s Cube. This one features six games namely Light Speed, Rapid Recharge, Pattern Panic, Cube Catcher, Code Cracker, and Multiplayer Madness. Basically you need to press the lights on each side of the cube. It helps develop your memory. Just turn and spin the cube. The faster you move the cube, the faster you’ll get to the next level. The Rubiks Revolution operates on 3 AAA batteries. Avail of one for $19.99. For Ages 5 and beyond.

4. Mattel Barbie Girls MP3 Player

kid friendly gadget

Barbie will always be a little girl’s best friend. Mattel continues to make Barbie relevant by turning her into an MP3 player now. The Barbie Girls MP3 player is a 512 MB music player shaped like Barbie, which also doubles as an actual doll. It even comes with snap-on outfits! It also comes with a belt clip, storage case, and adjustable earbuds. It has an expandable miniSD slot for additional memory (up to 2GB) and battery life of about 10 hours. Your kid also plug the Barbie Girls MP3 player into your computer to unlock a virtual world on BarbieGirls.com. Available for $59.99. A 1GB version of Barbie Girls MP3 player is also available for $93.57. For ages 6 and up.

5. Brian The Brain

kid friendly gadgets

Brian the Brain may perhaps be the smartes toy your child could ever have. Don’t believe me? Get this. It uses voice-recognition technology, it can tell your kids funny jokes, fun facts, trivia and can even ask your child to play a game. And guess what? Brian the Brain has another side to him – well sides actually. He’s also MP3 player compatible, offers a retractable hand-held keypad, a digital alarm clock, light show, and – here come the educational stuff – dictionary and encyclopedia. Brian even has a speaker phone to make calls. Brian operates on four AA batteries. Available for $79.99. For kids aged 6 and up.

6. Spongebob SquarePants Npower Digital VGA Camera

kid friendly gadgets

Our favorite yellow square sponge seems to be everywhere but his pineapple abode these days. In food, clothes, whatnot. Recently, Imation and Nickelodeon got together and launched the Npower brand. Npower offers more than 20 electronic gadgets inspired by some of Nickelodeon’s most famous characters. One of them is the Spongebob SquarePants Npower Digital VGA Digital Camera. This digital features 8 MB of internal memory with a SD/MMC card slot expandable up to 1GB. It also has shutter sound effects that feature sounds made famous by the cartoon, like a ukelele and foghorn. The camera has a 1.1-inch color LCD screen for viewing your pictures, and autoflash. It also comes with SpongeBob SquarePants-inspired adhesive skins. Available for $49.99. For kids aged 6 and up.

7. WowWee Flytech Barry B. Benson

kid friendly gadgets

This radio-controlled flying bee was invented by a 15-year old (at that time) Sean Frawly. Inspired by the Dreamworks animated movie Bee Movie, WowWee designed this first ever, radio-controlled flying bee. Part of the Flytech product line, Barry B. Benson can be controlled to fly, flutter, soar, dive and glide. It reportedly able to achieve speeds of about 18mph! Use the included remote control to guide Barry ‘s direction, height and speed. For beginner bee-flyers, Barry B. Benson is crash resisitant. It operates on six AA batteries and comes with a pair of spare wings and propeller, detachable antenna, and tail ribbon. Available for $49.99. For kids aged 8 and up.

8. Mattel U.B. Funkeys

kid friendly gadgets

Funkeys are cute, collectable figurines from Mattel. Apart from simply looking cute, these Funkeys, when placed in their "hub" and connected to your computer, unlock a secret secret "Terrapinia" virtual world. Each Funkey provides access to a new zone and new games. Players earn "coins" which they can use to buy items to decorate their virtual houses and post these houses online for your friends to see. The Starter Kit includes the U.B. Funkeys hub and two Funkeys, for $34.95. Additional U.B. Funkey Tribes go for $8.95 for a set of three. For ages 8 and up.

9. High School Musical Digital Mix Stick MP3 Player

Anyone who has a child and has a television knows Highschool Musical. Disney Channel has it in sing-along version, dance-along version, and whatever-else-is-possible-version. They even released a sequel. And now they have an MP3 of the famous TV movie. It features 512 MB of onboard memory, plus 1 GB of expandable memory via a SD/MMC slot. The Highschool Musical Digital Mix Stick supports MP3 and WMA formats. It also comes with a lanyard and earbuds. It also plays Disney Mix Clips which are sold separately.

10. Tiger Electronics POWER TOUR Electric Guitar

kid friendly gadgets

This kid-gadget is designed for you kids to either grow up to be an aspiring rockstar or a Guitar Hero game addict. Just kidding. This gadget might help your kid to become musically inclined. Instead of strings, the Tiger Electronics POWER TOUR Electric Guitar has touch sensors with LED lights and dual-function knobs. Kids can learn to play along to any or all of the 12 pre-loaded songs. Or play along to whatever is playing on their MP3 players. Kids can play along to a pre-loaded song (get this, some of the pre-loaded songs include "Wild Thing" and "Smoke on the Water". Cool huh?) by following the multi-colored lights along the frets.

Oh, and if you are wondering how you’re going to deal with the noise, worry not, a headphone jack is available so you can still have some quiet time in your house. By the way, the Power Tour Amp (yes, they have that too
. Cool huh?) is sold separately for $49.99. The Power Tour Electric Guitar operates on four AA batteries. Available in black or white for $69.99. For kids 10 and up.

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