02 Joggler Home Organizer

02 joggler

02 is set to release its newest device aimed at helping the family to organize events, the Joggler. This digital notepad with a 7-inch touch screen message board is a substitute to the notes on your cabinet or refrigerator door. This home organizer is perfect for those who have difficulty planning and organizing family events and activities. It is like a wall calendar on which you note your kids’ dental appointments or write a reminder to call your mother or pay the bill.

The 02 Joggler is not connected to your PC, so you can take this organizer wherever you want. The digital notepad brings you the latest news, calendar lists, alerts, weather forecasts, traffic updates, etc. It also works as an alarm clock and you can even play Sudoku to kill time. What is more, the 02 Joggler functions as an Internet radio device.

This Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled electronic organizer has 1GB worth of memory that you can use to store music or photos. In addition, it sports a pair of built-in speakers. Overall, the 02 Joggler is the ideal gadget for all professional, on-the-go people who need to juggle spouses, children, and jobs. This digital notepad will go on sale this April for $221 (£149).  

Image Source: O2

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